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I love Master and Commander, plain and simple. I also love the Napoleonic Wars.
It all started after seeing the first Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring. I was very interested, but not 100% obsessed, about 50-65%. By the second one, however, I was hopeless obsessed with the books and movies, especially the four "hobbits": Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Sean Astin, and Billy Boyd. I found out Billy was in a movie called "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World." I read it was about the Napoleonic wars, and a British ship fighting at sea. Of course, I had to read the first book (Still working on it), and get an idea of the timeframe.
Then, in fall of 2003, We had to do a National History Day project using "Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange." After much consideration and thinking, I decided to do the Napoleonic Wars, with my teacher's approval. As I started learning more about that time in history, I became hooked on the Napoleonic Times, especially fighting at sea (Battle of Trafalgar). That led to my full blown obsession to Master and Commander, the Napoleonic Era, as well as keeping Lord of the Rings, and deepening the actors I'm obsessed with!

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MandCPhreak. Master and Commander. Yes, I like Master and Commander
Strengths: Peter Calamy, Wiliam Blakeney, Barrett Bonden, Max Benitz, Max Pirkis, Billy Boyd, Paul Bettany
Weaknesses: Peter Calamy, Wiliam Blakeney, Barrett Bonden, Max Benitz, Max Pirkis, Billy Boyd, Paul Bettany
Special Skills: Obsessing over fictional characters. Obsessing over actors. Obsessing over actors I will most likely never meet.
Weapons: Peter Calamy, Wiliam Blakeney, Barrett Bonden, Max Benitz, Max Pirkis, Billy Boyd ;-D

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My two roleplaying journals are: peter_calamy (originally my friend dancerin036's), and will_blakeney. My "Very Secret Diary (VSD)" is petercalamy. My icon journal is get_with_it
dancerin036 and I have started the hms_sophie for our Roleplaying goodness, which you are free to read :)
proudmaxfan1418 and I have started the community lee_daily for Lee Ingleby
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